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World café is a rotating roundtable in which attendees change a discussion table/ topic every 30-40 minutes.

With this, every attendee has a chance to contribute to 4-5 topics, while the moderator receives 4-5 different groups of people one after another, who will talk about your topic.

Everyone follows the sequence of numbers on their badge, so the attendees rotate randomly. You as a moderator will have a chance to talk with everyone who is at the conference.

Choose a topic relevant for most attendees, and 5 main questions to support the discussion. We will prepare a board that helps divide the issue into challenges, ideas, and key takeaways.

Visualize the challenge on the board with the help of pens, stickers, markets and a flipchart. We will set everything up for you.

The board helps each group see what has been discussed in the previous round. It also helps you summarize the outcomes of the previous rounds.

After the roundtable ends, we will do a short summary session, called Harvesting. Every moderator will have 3-5 minutes to present key outcomes of their roundtable.

All materials and outcomes will be photographed and published on our event platform hubs:101.


Your role is to guide the discussion and encourage others to talk and share their experiences and ideas.

We recommend to do a short round of introductions in the beginning of each round, and then move to the topic discussion.

After round 1, it is helpful to also brief the attendees on the outcome of the previous rounds.

We recommend to ask open questions.

We recommend to document the ideas on the mind map to visualize the conversation.

Sometimes, participants need extra encouragement. Some participants may not directly relate to your topic, but they are still able to contribute new perspectives.

A great moderator is a great listener!

We got you – we will give you a short briefing in the afternoon coffee break on the first event day.