Case Study: Redefining the role of IT procurement in the context of digital transformation

Louise Bäckman, Global IT Category Manager, Essity Hygiene and Health AB

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Digital transformation goes hand in hand both with new technologies as well as with increasingly changing requirements by the business. By summarizing the latest experiences at Essity, the presentation highlights the main effects of this development on IT procurement and category management. It further outlines the approach used to better align the processes, improve collaboration between stakeholders and increase the understanding of end-users of the way how specific products work. While it is necessary to standardize the technology stack and gradually move away from customizing software to support internal processes, it is also important to establish an interactive relationship with the suppliers so that they better understand the needs of the customers.


How digital transformation affects IT procurement

How to align your internal processes to establish a better cooperation between the stakeholders – IT procurement, business, IT etc.

How to improve the relationship with the IT suppliers to achieve better results