Keynote: Developing the necessary layer of trust – Making IT procurement a business enabling partner

Kimberly Master, Head of Technology Sourcing, Netflix
Snehal Satya, Technology Sourcing EMEA, Netflix

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During the last year, Netflix has started to build an IT sourcing function from the ground up. Operating in a non-mandated environment, the global strategic sourcing team used a rather unique approach: besides standardizing tools and increasing overall IT procurement maturity, the team focuses on organically growing value-driven processes and collaboration between IT procurement and the stakeholders. The main driver for advancing mutual trust and cooperation as the core concept is embedded in the overarching Netflix company culture based on freedom and responsibility. Thus, IT procurement serves different stakeholders as partner, supporting them when approaching vendors and making sure that they are always well-informed and able to make the best decision regarding the necessary technology.


How to build a sourcing function from scratch

How to re-define your role to become a genuine partner for stakeholders and ultimately drive value for the organization

How to break-up silos and build mutual trust

How to entangle a cooperation-based approach with standardized processes, approval workflows etc.